On a whim Photoshoot with DD

Right around Valentine’s day, I was back in my home country Indonesia. Well, Medan to be exact

Since I’ve been living in Malaysia for more than 6 years, the people that I hangout with whenever I’m in Indonesia most of the time are the same people I’ve hangout with since I was a teenager

My social circle doesn’t really get bigger there. But, in a way I love that because it means you are hanging out with people who you know for almost a decade 🙂

Photography and Videography has always been my passion ever since I took my first photography class in college, I always get a good vibes every time I am behind a camera

Its truly a mesmerizing experience for me to visualize the things in my head into a visual arts that can be enjoyed by everyone

My favorite type of photography is always portrait or fashion, there is something fulfilling about taking a shot that shows someone’s best angle

Some of my previous work from the past 2 years

So in February me and my best friend from high school, who I always called DD, decided on a whim to do a mini photoshoot at my house

We raid each other closet and do the makeup while sitting on the side of a bathtub and blasting music from The Weeknd

The camera I usually use is a Canon 70D with a Canon 35mm f/2

But I didn’t bring my camera with me last time, so I ended up using my mom’s camera which is a Mirrorless Canon EOS M3 + EOS-M 22mm f/2

Below are some of the shots from that day

The middle one was taken on the rooftop of my house which is on the fourth floor and literally no one has ever been there in months, all the dirt and dust we had to endure lol

It was really fun doing photoshoot with her, she’s not a professional model per se (although with that abs wouldn’t be hard for hard for her to be one) but her confidence and sense of humor whenever I ask her to pose out of her comfort zone really lighten up the whole shoot

The arbitrary hair flip shot that we did for more than ten times just to get one frame

This vintage top of hers really goes well with the wall of trees in front of my house

All in all it was one of the best shoot day I had

Well, I suppose working with someone you know does make everything easier and more fun 🙂

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy shooting and editing it, and if you do please check out my Instagram photography project under the handle: @themegabalqizs

Till next time, cheers!!

fin xx

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